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Kitty Cartoon Caricatures

Frosty the feral kitten caricature cartoon. Frosty looks sad. I enjoy drawing funny cartoon-caricatures of cats. Sometimes, they appear as specific cartoons while at other times they are meant purely as a fun representation of a particular animal.
A cartoon caricature of your cat makes a fun keepsake. It’s also a nice way to help the feral cats. There are many artists who do realistic photo-like portraits of pets so I decided to let them have their niche while I have my own. These custom drawings fall somewhere between the classic caricature model and a straight cartoon. Hammie The Cat cartoon caricatureI consider them to be cartoon portraits that express the personality of the beloved animal. If you want something different and kind of silly for a gift, this might be for you. Just use my contact form to get in touch with me. I will need at least one good face picture of your cat, and I’d rather have a couple of full body pictures too. Tell me about your cat - it will help me pick a pose and a mood for your cat’s picture. You’ll love having a fun picture of your precious pet. Satisfaction guaranteed. ... I also have an art blog of cartoon cats that you can check out for the latest deals, including some fun caption contests!

Fun Cartoons

Johnny Jihad Terrorist Trainee cartoonWe can have a lot of fun and a good laugh with just the right cartoon. Take Johnny Jihad, for example. I understand that a few people find him offensive, but I think that it’s good for all of us to have a laugh at the expense of terrorists. And Johnny Jihad is an idiot! You’ll find assorted Johnny Jihad cartoons on this site. Many of my fun cartoons appear on t-shirts and I hope you will consider owning one (or several) just to help make the world a better place. There is more on my Funny Faces cartoon blog.

Issue & Political Cartoons

Local Issue editorial cartoon example One thing often neglected in cartooning is local political issues. Instead of a boring intellectual debate, why not have some fun with an issue-oriented cartoon? These can be prepared on a custom basis as long as you provide a clear explanation of what you are looking for.


Basic Pets & People: $25.00 per face plus $5.00 shipping/handling - add $15 for full color scene.
Editorial Cartoons: $15.00 and up, depending on complexity delivered as a digital file so no shipping required.

Standard layout is 9" x 12" professional illustration markers or pastels on Pro Layout paper. Larger sizes are available at additional cost. Digital files to your specifications.

   Payment through PayPal or by Check/Money Order.
   Other sizes and matting/framing can be available, too. If you want
additional things, just write and let me know! See additional examples in the cartoon section of the art blog.

Johnny Jihad - Jihad Joe, Suicide Gunman cartoon

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